Wixárica (huichol)

Its History and Connection with the Emergence of the Indian City States in Mexico,

(Asics-”Olmec”, Toltec, Aztec, Quiché-Maya). Seen through Indian Myths, Legends, History.

During his 25 years experience of the famous Mexican Wixarica tribe (Huichol), the author has discovered new material connecting it with pre-Columbian Asian cultures, the ”Olmec”, and its influence on the Toltec, Aztec at the dawn of the Mexican Indian Empires.  The book also offers the first ever collection of the earliest Mexican legends, and an unveiling account of the misuse of the Christian God – it shows how devastatingly misleading texts about Indians using the word ”God” are, regarding understanding the Indian way of life. A well-written, creative ”Must-Read-Book” with new light on Indian cultures.

The author (born 1930) is a professional writer, with four earlier books on the subject  published in Swedish. The research, which is basically financed by the Swedish Writer´s Union, started in 1970, with following investigations in 1973, 1976, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1995, 2000, 2001 (3-12 weeks each year).

With the most ancient Indian legends and the writer´s field work discoveries as points of departure and with the Wixarican tribe in a central role, the Nayarit/Wixarican area on the Western Mexican coast is proved to be the melting pot for the great Mexican pre-Columbian Cultures – the Toltec, the Aztec and partly also the ”Olmec” one. The Wixarican tribe is found to be directly connected to the north as far as Monterrey, and indirectly to South American and Easter Island Indian cultures.

The new material the writer has found is supported by a thorough investigation of what is written on the subject by others, from the work of the Spanish 16th Century clergy and their Indian collaborators and that of the latest present-day researchers, including original sources in English, German, Spanish and Swedish languages.

Some of the material and several legends are for the first time available in English – and the legend collection is also unique because it gathers the earliest Indian descriptions of their history in one volume. A new basic book for everyone interested in American Indians, adding new perspectives on old problems regarding the cultural origin of the Mexican Indian City States.

Not just another book about the Wixarica/”Huichol” Indians.

The tribe is designated with its own, proper name, Wixarica. The book corrects a thousand years old etymological mistake regarding the use of the word God – the Wixarica (and similar cultures) do not have ”Gods”. The passage that explains this phenomenon is central  for understanding cultures at that historical level. Both initiatives underline the book´s point of departure – from within the Indian legend material and the Indian view of life. 

I is neither another book about transPacific pre-Columbian travelling.

The author had no prejudice about a Wixarican connection to Trans-Pacific-crossing cultures when he started his research. But some legends he collected so clearly expressed Wixarican connection with cultures arriving over the Pacific that he started to investigate the problem further.  Comparisons with Toltec, Aztec, Mayan, Peruvian and Japanese counterparts showed that the earliest, original legend material pointed in the same direction. The research was then followed up with a thorough survey of the technical possibilities of crossing the Pacific at that historical time.

240 pages, illustrated.

ISBN  91-971914-6-9 (1997)

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